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"I used to suffer from swollen joints and joint pain ... The pain was so debilitating there were days I could not walk, write and sometimes move.... [Since beginning the LEAP program,] I have not had one bout of any type of joint pain and/or swelling. It really is amazing to me how the food you put into your body affects you."

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Putting the Pieces Together

Your life is made up of pieces that create the unique puzzle that is you. Over time, one or more of those pieces may become overused or even lost. Whether you are dealing with the complexities of a relationship, a food-related disorder or other challenges, it may feel as if your life is falling apart.

You need someone you can turn to for compassionate, qualified guidance to help you put the pieces together again and lead you to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Diane BubeckDiane Bubeck is that person. Her innovative style offers a rare twofold approach to counseling:

  1. During her 25+ years in the field of nutritional counseling, she has developed a simplified, sound approach that gets to the heart of basic needs.
  2. As an Adlerian psychotherapist, she utilizes different counseling methods to find workable solutions to life's many challenges.

Utilizing her expertise as a therapist and as a licensed dietitian, Diane understands the whole person. She'll help put the pieces together to integrate body, mind, and spirit.

Mission Statement:

At Diane Bubeck & Associates we strive to eliminate disordered eating of various types and dysfunctional life choices with a nurturing approach. We promote self-regulated principles that foster permanent lifestyle changes.

Our goal is for each client to leave therapy having the tools necessary to balance normalized eating in everyday life without fear and anxiety and to be able to live in a happier, more productive and fulfilling way.

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